About Us

 Elcona County Club is conveniently located within a short distance of both the US 20 By-Pass and the Indiana Toll Road, providing rapid access to the main communities in the Michiana area.

Elcona Country Club was organized in the fall of 1955 by a group of interested businessmen led by Mr. Walter O. Wells. A Board of 21 Directors were elected and Mr. John Best served as our first president. That group of Board members established a goal of 400 members which it successfully reached within a year, purchased 197 acres of land from Ernest Sims, and proceeded to build the fine golf course and clubhouse we all enjoy today. Since the original land purchase, the Club has purchased additional land over the years, and the total facility now consists of 342 acres.

The Club is still run by a Board of Directors, only it has now been reduced to 12 members. Three new Board members are elected each year by membership vote to serve a four (4) year term. Each Board member participates on one or more committees that serve the Club. Other committee seats are appointed by the Club president each January. Anyone with an interest to serve on a committee should contact a Board member. The Club is managed by the Director of Operations