"Embark on a Journey to Discover Nature's Wonders."

Elcona provides five miles of hiking trails and plenty of stunning scenery. Take the opportunity to bring along your dog and kids for a stroll, equipped with a pair of binoculars, and discover what awaits you along the way.

Elcona's partnership with Audubon traces back to the early 1990s when then-superintendent, Tom Zimmerman, first enrolled in the Audubon Sanctuary program. By 2012, Elcona proudly earned recognition as the 8th golf course in Indiana and the 930th worldwide to be designated as a Certified Golf Course Sanctuary by Audubon International. Our recertification in 2016 underscores our unwavering dedication as custodians of our community's ecosystem.

Annually, Elcona collaborates with the community to further enrich our environment and raise awareness. We employ an on-site weather station to ensure water usage aligns with necessity, showcasing our commitment to environmental stewardship.


In recent years, we've expanded the size of our naturalized areas to enhance habitat spaces for wildlife. Moreover, numerous nesting boxes have been installed for a diverse range of bird species that you might encounter during your hike.

Elcona spans over 250 acres, comprising:

  • ⇒ 4 pond/stream areas covering a total of 2.75 acres
  • ⇒ 47 acres of natural grassland
  • ⇒ 116 acres of mixed forest and diverse habitats