Golf is our Legacy

There are many great clubs, but the social community is what makes Elcona special.  Whether playing in Men's Night Out, Ladies' League, or with the family, there is always a way for you to enjoy a round with friends and family.

Men's Golf

We embrace the crowning of champions and camaraderie that comes with a round of golf. We have a variety of events for golfers of all abilities to enjoy. From our popular Men's Night Out to Saturday morning groupings with a convivial breakfast. Holiday events are always special, so you'll have a good excuse to avoid the to-do list on the kitchen counter. Come on out for a great game with great company. 

Ladies' Golf

Golf is a game that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, we embrace the opportunity to bring ladies into the game as well as perfect those already enjoying it. From our relaxed 9-hole league, to the social 18-hole group, and twilight league. We have a gathering that will welcome you. Our clinics will help you hone your skills, regardless of your abilities, and have a little fun along the way. Of course, we also have couples golf, twilight golf, and the husband and wife tournament.

Junior Golf

Our PGA staff enjoys the opportunity to share a deep love of the game with the next generation. They have even helped a few get some great scholarships through teaching and dedication. With our Summer Junior Golf Program and PGA Junior League our professionals will help your mini-members find a love for the game and a better swing which will put them in great standing for the rest of their lives.